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Standard ML Family GitHub Project

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A Template Engine for Ruby on Rails

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Home | Aurelia

Aurelia is the most powerful, flexible and forward-looking JavaScript client framework in the world.

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Distributed DataFrame

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Damien DeVille

Software engineer at Dropbox. Previously at Realmac Software. UCL Computer Science alumnus.

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Web, Words & Coffee

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Canadian University Software Engineering Conference - CUSEC

Canadian University Software Engineering Conference is a yearly conference created by students for students.

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Open Build Service

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OJ's Perspective

Security and software development

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API Commons

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A Geek's Page

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The work portfolio of Zach Kuzmic, User Experience Designer in Austin, Texas. He designs web apps, mobile apps, and responsive websites and eats a lot of tacos.

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Open Academic Environment

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Python Practice Projects - Ideas for the Aspiring Developer

Programming practice projects designed to take your Python coding chops to the next level

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Steve Parks – Entrepreneur/Geek/Journalist/Foodie


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Random colour

A random colour, nothing more.

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Java, Oracle, JBoss - Enterprise Software Development | Marcus Schiess...

At TurnGeek we recently had the task to include Disqus (which is great by the way) into our site, so readers of our books can leave comments for each

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Hi, my name is Johannes Fahrenkrug

Springenwerk: The website and blog of freelancing software developer and security consultant Johannes Fahrenkrug.

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Fernando Borretti

Personal website

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SQL Server, PowerShell and so on

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Home - Open Company Initiative

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History of OpenPlans

History of OpenPlans

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Ben Edmunds - Hello World!

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Valensas « Technology Services

Founded in 2005, Valensas is a Turkey based information technology solution provider, helping customers with focused attention and intelligent know-how. As the ...

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Aram Kocharyan

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Home | Make It Do A Thing: The Work of Dan Moore

Media Artist from New York, New York

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Firefly Logic - Nashville Software Development & Design

Nashville Software Development & Design. Custom Xamarin, Web, iPhone, iPad, Android & Windows Phone 8 Apps. Functional programming with Erlang & F#.

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Fluxxor - Home

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Tabletop Whale

A science illustration blog made by a biology grad student. Original charts, infographics, and science animations.

311,842 Pagerank- - Advanced GW2 Timer and Daily Map Guide

Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns timer for world boss meta events, with daily checklists, resource nodes collections map, and Trading Post tracker overlay.

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Dev etc

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Develop With Style

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Steven Thurlow -

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EspectroAutista.Info – Recursos en línea para los trastornos del espec...

Portal informativo sobre los trastornos del espectro autista, con más de 50 tests, más de 80 publicaciones recopiladas, bibliografía detallada de más de 400 pon...

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Bootcards - Cards-based UI built with Bootstrap

Bootcards - A cards-based UI for mobile and desktop apps, built on top of Bootstrap

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Boot2docker by boot2docker

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The Appendix

The Appendix is a quarterly journal of narrative and experimental history.

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The Nature of Code

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